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October 21, 2009


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Rachael Mallia Dominguez

This is amazing Salina! I'm sitting here at my desk, after everything tonight, just a hundred and fifty percent ready to take my basket & walk in joy and peace with it each day. I've been trying to do it on my own & I'm ready to come back to His heart because His will is always better than mine.

Thank you so much for writing this!
Love, Rach

amy ford

I love this! I feel like God has put a heart of worship in me! I love that!! It is so amazing all through scripture how God can change a heart to make His will happen - even hardening pharoah's heart when the plagues were to happen - so His glory would be shown ... I believe God is softening our girls hearts and my own ... and def putting a heart of worship in mine ... SO awesome! Thanks Salina for sharing!


HALLELUJAH!! I believe we receive! If this fall is the pre blessing than hold me back because I'm gonna scream!! This fall has been freedom after blessing after miracle after freedom after vision after open doors after breakthrough after new life after favor after encounter, but ultimately His love lavishly pouring out surrounding, encompassing, saturating!! Tyler has had break throughs in food allergies we have declared God's full healing over for years and still having breakthroughs! The Lord has given me sudden heart breakthroughs the very day His light is shined on the unforgivness, fear, or self image! I ask for wisdom, He gives it! I ask for divine intervention, He works it! He is just saying "Just ask me, daughters! Just ask and you shall receive!!" Yet, we know it is all by grace and none of our doing! We just love Him and obey and He opens doors, protects, goes before us, anoints us as wives, mommies, friends, family, ministers, and every area we may have had areas where we felt we sometimes were treading water, but He swoops in and fills those gaps daily! I am learning to not crucify myself for my dumb forgtetfulness and imperfections, but laying them at His feet and watch Him breath His life into it! He was revealing to me this morning at coffee that man was but formed dirt before He breathed life into him, just like pieces of our life! Of course we make mistakes! We are but dust without laying it all at His feet for the breath of LIFE!! I hate feeling scattered, forgetful, tripping, ect, but what fear of failure!! Love you! You just text me this very second!!!! Sach

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